The Chicago setting

Chicago is ruled by the Camarilla and its present leader is prince Lodin. He is cold and calculating, and nobody is safe once he decides he no longer wants them around. The Camarilla does not rule unchallenged though. The Anarchs also have a strong presence in the city. They are ruled by James Ewell, the leader of the Chicago Anarchists – a local chapter of a motorcycle gang with strong ties to illegal gun and drug smugling. There has been a truce between these two factions for a long time, but the truce is starting to crack. What is to come might throw the entirety of Chicago into chaos.

This is the setting that our so called “heroes” are thrown into. It’s basically sink or swim, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

The podcast is set in a alternate universe version of present day Chicago. There may be some details that resemble places and buildings in present day Chicago, but we have taken quite a few liberties with the geography and architecture of the city. All the characters are original characters created by the players and the GM.