The “Good” Vamps

“Congratulations, Eli! You’re immortal! Now lets ponder on why 2 tours in the sandbox feels like a f%&king playground, compared to Chicago at tm. NICE PLUG ELI! F&%ck that 4th wall!! CaChING!!!”

– Overheard by the occupants living under a bridge in Chicago’s homeless district.

Who’s who in the podcast? What clans do they belong to? Who are the heroes – Wait do we even have any heroes in this podcast? Anyway, these are the folks you’re listening to!

Myah (Sunniva)

An Instagram superstar. She has her own makeup brand called “Sunkissed”, and she is the darling of clan Toreador. Myah is the ultimate IT girl, and she is also very smart and accomplished. Her biggest problem in (un)life is the fact that whenever she catches her own reflection she has to make a real effort to not get lost in feeling herself. Well, it was her biggest problem, until she met Eli, Kay and Emily.

Kay (Anita)

A young androgynous Brujah vampire. They are a member of the Anarch motorcycle gang in Chicago. Sometimes they present more as a girl, sometimes more like a boy. Kay is mostly referred to as Legacy within the gang. Kay is not the smartest, but is pretty streetwise and resourceful. Kay was only 17 during the embrace, and seems to sometimes be stuck in a childish state of mind, and other times not. One thing that is certain though – Kay is a raging Masochist.

Emily (Tonje)

Emily Payne is a Prep school ice princess with a dangerous taste in men. She’s a bit of a sadist and thinks she’s better than pretty much everyone else. She may look sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled. During her Embrace she murdered her entire family just to prove her devotion to her Vampire boyfriend Caleb. Their relationship is not the healthiest to say the least, and the two of them seem to feed off of each others vile


Eli Douglas is a former war veteran who during a Black Ops mission in Aleppo experienced something truly traumatic. He doesn’t remember much of it, only gory bits and pieces. He was turned by a unknown Malkavian and is like all other members of his clan broken and fractured on the inside. Sometimes he remembers his family, his wife and daughter. He feels a bit protective towards Kay, sometimes he even mistakes her for his own daughter. He has premonitions of the future every now and then, but it’s hard to interpret what they mean sometimes.