Chicago by Night

With adult themes of political intrigue, horror and paranoia. Chicago By Night uses the 3rd edition of White Wolfs Vampire the Masquerade and is produced directly to podcast

We publish new episodes on the 1st of every month. The Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts,, PodcastAddict, Pocket Cast and pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts.

An era creeps silently to an end as five Vampires are embraced, each tied to their own path amid the political turmoil of the failing court of Chicago’s Prince Loden.

Forces move to bring an end to the masquerade that protects mankind from the supernatural world. Or does it protect the supernatural world from mankind?

Played prior to the events of White Wolf’s latest Vampire the Masquerade (5th Edition). We follow the “unlives” of five vampires, whose actions will not only seal the fate of a city, but will have repercussions for the rest of the supernatural world.

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