“Because we thought no one was listening, we weren’t afraid to take stupid risks or make absurd choices. Turns out it resonated with people. You won’t figure out what your podcast is until you get it underway, even as much as you plan and plan. So go for it.”

– Matt Gourley, Earwolf Podcast Network

Fateful Fumble began converting its Livestream of the Kestrels into the format of a Podcast, more as an after thought. It was a monumental surprise when it became quickly our most popular medium. It’s still shocking, when we check back and see the amount of downloads.

Not long after when we began recording the Chicago by Night games we decided to make it straight to Podcast.

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From one of the first recordings of Chicago by Night!

Podcasts require less tech, a good Mic and software will get the job done, but the work comes after the game: The post-production. It can take hours to sift through the audio file, cutting, adjusting and adding to make it something we are happy with. Needless to say, its something one gets better at over time!

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