“I was born a killer. Can’t change that. Who I kill and what for, that I decide. You are my family now, and I will kill for you.”

– Thann after the events of Brandels End.

A Born Killer

Born from a dangerous meeting of a human and a kossith, Thann was a lethal miracle. His mother died screaming while giving birth to the half-breed, an abomination whose father could never forgive for the loss of his wife.

Standing taller than most humans, the only visable signs of Thann’s special lineage was his slight greyed skin tone and the two small horns on his crest. Despite there being no love from him, Thann’s father raised him long enough to see him gone.

Life as a Mercenary

Thann, uneducated in any particular trade, took to using the assets he was born with: Strength and a seemingly absent fear of death. He found work in several mercenary warbands, gaining a reputation and even respect for his brutal handiwork. In battle, he wielded two long swords with an impossible grace that brought him all the gold and recognition he should have needed.

And yet, something was missing.

At the Mercy of Death

After an ambush by cultists on the road through Denarim, Thann was laid out as a sacrifice to some ancient Revenant which desired to return to the realm of man. Tortured and beaten, he bitterly awaited his fate, accepting his miserable life as complete. However, as the sacrifice came to its eldritch conclusion, an unlooked group of elves came to his rescue: The Kestrels.

A Good Reason To Kill

After being helped out of the collapsed temple to the revenant Xast, Thann found himself treated with not just respect but concern. These agents of the Inquisition, with their noble fight against the purest of evils, still regarded him as simply Thann. Not half-breed, or weapon, beast or even as an afront to their god. Simply, Thann.

And that was enough.


  • Thann was written into the episode: Xast’s Reckoning as a potentian sacrifice victim largely at the last minute. It came as a bit of a shock to the rest of the players when Rin appeared by there side!