“A child, one foot on each side of the curtain, born in evil intent,
No parentage will hold them, no power shall bind them,
They will scream the old lost echo and call on the fate of men.”

– Translations of a stone ruin in the Emerald Groves.

Born in Bloody Privelige

Deep in rural Tevinter, Amdulis was born to two wealthy landowners: the Lord and Lady Malkiev. Spoiled with a safe and joyous childhood, he was to be traumatised when a raging escaped elvish slave slaughtered his parents and the entire household. Left to sit in the blood of his family, he was eventually sent to live with his uncle, Magister Grimaldi.

Raised to Take Revenge.

Unlike his childhood, the next few years were brutal. Magister Grimaldi was a high Tevinten official and a member of Anguinii, a society of mages specialising in putting down elvish threats. Distant and cold, Grimaldi drove Amdulis hard in the training as an Arcane Warrior, beating him both mentally and physically to become a weapon for him to use.

What Grimaldi did not realise, was that Amdulis did not endure the daily suffering for the Magister’s praise, but for revenge. He would become a weapon for himself. Amdulis would find his opportunity for revenge sooner then he expected, as Grimaldi’s obsession for one of his missing elvish slaves would drag to Folly, and the Black Halla.

Truth and Loss in Folly

A small unassuming village west of the Free Marches, Folly was destined to be the last and only line of defence against an ancient threat: The Black Halla. Brought into the conflict, Amdulis’ training was tested against the horrors of the void, bringing him face to face with the elf that killed his parents. Ness: His real biological father.

A Legacy Unknown

After the events of Folly Amdulis, now named Gach’far (Often shortened to Gaffy), returned to Ostwick with the surviving Kestrels. There, he found a family who cared about him and a purpose. He used his talents to aid the Kestrels against the threats they faced. As his powers grew and he learned of his half-elvish lineage, Gachfar would come to find that his future would be connected to the Ancient Elvish world.


  • Gach’far was decided to mean Everyman, the opposite of Ness his father, which means No-one.

Photo: Enyassia Cosplay portraying Gaffy.