The Heroes

“No, dragons are loud. I will send kestrels, with sharp beaks and claws, unsuspected and unlooked for. Ostwick will get kestrels.”

– The Nightingale on dispatching the first agents to Ostwick


Valeth is an elf that came from largely unremarkable beginnings, for a circle mage. Raised in the circle of Kinlock Hold, Valeth was an accomplished student, if regarded as a bit of a know-it-all.

Ambitious and reckless, her antics in the circle nearly took her own life while she was trying to bind a spirit to an object. During the abolishment of the Nevarran accords, Kinlock Hold became a battle ground as rebellious mages tore the tower apart. Forced into “freedom” Valeth left her fellows and went on her own, suffering the world beyond before being rescued by the agents of Divine Justinia.

Valeth is highly intelligent, empathic and a very powerful mage. Focusing on healing magics, the elf proved to also be a formidable combatant with a penchant for frost based attacks. The most remarkable part of Valeth’s rather unremarkable past, is that is was partly a lie. A lie that she herself wasn’t even aware of.
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A troubled warrior and berserker whose past lay in a bloody Tevinter mansion, Ness provided the Kestrels with an unstoppable fighter.

Once an elvish slave, Ness was tortured and abused by his owners, even having been forced to give child to his master’s wife. However, when his owners slew his own mother his line was finally crossed. As a result he slaughtered the entire household, only the terrified eyes of his own child stopped his rage, forcing him to flee into the night.

Recruited by the Inquisition, Ness provided the Kestrels with brute force and an unwavering guard. What he lacked in formal training, he made up for in sheer bloody mindedness, which made him capeable of ignoring horrible injuries to defeat his opponents.
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The rogue of the group, Firil is an elf from Orlais whose wit hides many secrets. Fleeing from the Great Game, she eventually enlisted into the Inquisition as a means to escape further pursuit. Now able to start a new life, she quickly fell into her work as an agent within the Kestrels spy cell.

Highly skilled with both dagger and bow, her speed and stealth is the talk of the seedy taverns of Ostwick, while her out of the box thinking has been a constant headache for inquisition leaders. While very open about her opinions, she is secretly extremely protective when it comes to her friends: Valeth, Ness and Gaffy. Only time will tell if she is more protective of her secrets…
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Gach’far “Gaffy” Amdulis

Raised as a child in a Tevinter mansion, Amdulis’ first memories consist of him witnessing his parents’ murder by a rampaging elven slave.

Fostered by his uncle, Magister Grimaldi, he was trained in the near forgotten art of the Arcane Warrior. Amdulis grew up in a tough environment, and was prepared to kill the elven animal that supposedly slew his parents, until he actually met him again.

Capable beyond his years, Amdulis would find tragedy and a new path leading to the Kestrels, where he would take his elvish name of Gachfar, or “Gaffy” for short. Possessing a more physical and violent form of magic, his skills were sorely needed to replace the loss inflicted on the Kestrels during their visit to Folly. Read more…


A rare example of a half Kossith, half-human, Thann is a mercenary with a code. Rescued from being sacrificed by a cult, Thann swore a life debt to his saviour, Firil, becoming nothing short of hes bodyguard.

Because of his stoic and stern personality, Thann has provided the kestrels with a rock to lean on several times. Likewise, his ability in combat, armed with two long swords, is nothing short of remarkable.

Though new to the group, the half-breeds loyalty was never in question. Thanns past however, remains a mystery, and a concern is that a part of it may make an ugly re-appearance in the future. Read more…

Alternate main characters

In later seasons of The kestrels the players also play some alternate main characters. You can read more about them HERE.