“This sounds truly dire. But fear not! I am a little dire myself!”

– The Grey Warden Le’Claire


There are Allies and there are Companions. Companions are the friends who would, and have died for the Heroes. Coming from various lands and backgrounds, they remind us about what the Kestrels are fighting for.

Adrian Mac’Lowen

Adrian is a former member of the Ostwick city guard. He was unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle of a showdown between the Alley Rats, The City guard and The Kestrels. He turned out to be a man og principles and morals, with a talent for sussing out information. He was recruited by the Kestrels during Episode 7 – The Tourist. Adrian has an on-and-off physical relationship with LeClaire which they both seem to be perfectly comfortable with.

Natalie Le’Claire

Natalie LeClaire is a Grey Warden from Orlais. We first met her along with her companion the Apothecary in episode 3 – The Apothecary. She also makes an appearance in episode 9 – The Cold Circle part 1 and 2, and several other episodes.

The Warden is a heavy drinker and she is very flirty regardless of blood alcohol percentages. She seems to have a lot of personal issues that have led her to building a wall around her and they often manifest as some very violent self-destructive tendencies, More often than not LeClaire will fling herself head-first into danger.
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DuPont LeChase

DuPont also often lovingly/condescendingly referred to as “Iiip” by Firil is the seneschal of Equine House. Originally he was in the employ of Lady Esmee Trevelyan, who gifted him to The Kestrels along with the Equine House estate.

DuPont manages the household while the Kestrels are out adventuring, and often gets into arguments with the group. At first glance it might seem like he dislikes his job, and his employers, but don’t be fooled. He cares deeply for the ragged band of misfits. The Kestrels meet DuPont for the first time in episode 6 – Equine House.

Kaida the Dragon Girl

Kaida is a walking, talking mystery. No one knows where she came from, not even she seems to know. She woke up in an elven ruin one day with a dragon youngling by her side. She eventually made her way out of the ruins, and was living quite peacefully on her own in the wilderness. Until the Templars under the command of Ser Gregoric captured her and her dragon outside of Ostwick that is.

Kaida and the dragon were to be executed in front of the Ostwick circle tower as part of a powerplay by Ser Gregoric. The Kestrels however made sure that his plan did not come to fruition. She does not seem to get on well with people in general, but gets on well with Valeth and Gaffy. She decided to stay with the Kestrels after they rescued her from the Templars. We first meet kaida in episode 8 – The Dragon’s Witch.

Kethin Lyesmith

Keth was a Templar at the circle of Fax Hold in Ostwick. Caught in the brewing war between Templars and Mages, his allegiances were tested. Besotted with a young mage, he agreed to leave his post and escort her to safety. Sadly, on the road  west along the Vilmark Ranges, news of the growing atrocities made his love irrational and dangerous. Scared by her outbursts and ravings, his training kicked in and he slew her.

The Kestrels found Keth sitting in the mud alone on the road, apathetic and happy to die in the rain. They helped him bury his love, he thanked them, unaware that his path would lead him back to them in Markham a week later. Nor, was he aware that this path would lead him into happiness again: with Valeth.
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Ciaran Trevelyan

The reckless son of House Trevelyan, Ciaran was known as a promiscuous alcoholic, gambler and layabout. His antics eventually led him to be arrested and used as a political example, being sent to the deadly prison of Angwyns Depths.

Hired by Lady Trevelyan, the Kestrels broke into the underwater prison and eventually broke the wayward rogue out. Since then, Ciaran has been a helpful ally albeit seeming not to have learned a single lesson.

The Apothecary

Ally of the Warden Le’Claire, the mysteriously free thinking dark spawn was found curing a local village of ailments. Despite it’s obviously evil origins, the Apothecary seems to be a creature determined to heal, perhaps in some ways to make up for past misdeeds.

Disguised as an Orlesian Plaguesmith, the Apothecary strikes a scary figure in his raven mask and cowl, even before his face is revealed. Although a talented chemist and healer, the dark spawn has not forgotten his skills as an entropic mage.

Tobbi Holgersen

An Avvar hunter, Tobbi breaks nearly all expectations as a barbarian of the south. Tall, gentle and almost childlike, Tobbi is a hard man to dislike. Although charming with his bushy hair and big eyes, Tobbi is a dangerous hunter.


While not as trust worthy as Companions, The Kestrels have had help from other factions.

Agent Ram Adaar

Survivor of the destruction of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the Tal Vashoth Ram Adaar was quickly inducted into the Inquisition as an agent. From the very beginning, Ram proved to be both a powerful mage and a spy.

Leader of the Kestrels after their initial betrayal by the hands of Lloyd Maddox, Adaar took the survivors out of the city to conceal their presence. Confident that they were in good hands with Valeth, he leaved on a secret mission, leaving the Kestrels in her hands.

Lady Esmee Trevelyan

The matriarch of House Trevelyan, Esme Trevelyan guides her household with no small amount of intellect or wit. Known for her lack of patience when dealing with fools, she possesses a keen eye for people and their qualities. This lead to her forming an alliance with the Kestrels becoming their sponsor, as they became her wayward grandson’s rescuers.

Lady Maldwyn of Ostwick

The power behind the throne of Ostwick in Astrum Keep. Her husband, the Lord Maldwyn, grows more senile with every passing day. Lady Maldwyn uses his name to ensure peace amongst the Houses, outmaneuvering her rivals and enemies with consummate ease.

But a red storm is coming, and she too seeks aid from the Kestrels.

Shiv and Sand

Two twins, the sharp-minded Sand and the sharp handed Shiv, were children of the street and grew up to become quite formidable in their own way. Later, when hunted by assassins due to a hit being placed on their heads. A hit that was rumored to have been paid for by the noble Reese family of Ostwick. This in turn led them to discover their link to the house of Reese.

The Fateswain

Another group of adventurers that the Kestrels allied with in the small town of Folly far west. While attempting to rescue Ness’s son Gachfar, they were caught up fighting the invasion from the Void during the night of the Black Halla. The Fateswain consist of Accalia, Ishild, Telahn and Cassian. Origianlly Fasca the dawrf was also a part of the group, but she unfortunately passed away in order to save Accalia.

Through Tobbi Holgerson, the Fateswain have a connection to the Kestrels and old promises stand strong.

The Bloody Stags

A mercenary company originally in the employ of a Tevinten Magister tasked with finding the Fateswain.  They ultimately rebelled, against their employer before being decimated at Folly. Their surviving heroes now find adventure in Kirkwall, according to rumour.