Fate Points

Fate points are awarded to the audience whenever they contribute to the show by supplying The Kestrels podcast with character concepts, story ideas or fan art. Some Fateful fans have even been awarded points because they have graciously assisted us at conventions.

Fate point guidelines:

  • You can only have a maximum of 10 points at a time. Once you reach 10 points you have to spend points in order to gain new ones.
  • Points can be spent to keep characters from dying, to change the direction of the story, to force re-rolls or similar things.
  • The GM always has the final say. Sometimes he or she may decide to disallow the use of Fate points.
  • The GM also decides how many points any given action costs. Saving a character from certain death may f.ex. cost 2 or 3 points, whereas a simple re-roll may only cost 1 point.