In their mission to safeguard Ostwick, the Kestrels have picked up more than their fair share of adversaries. From the individual nemesis, to the organised factions such as the Red Templars.



The mysterious Dwarven thief, Bernard presented a morally gray opponent for the Kestrels, seemingly working only for coin. Sharing a lot in common with Firil, Bernards links to the figure known only as the Fox of Orlais may yet explain his duplicitous nature: If not his hidden agenda.

Desmund Lyesmith

Younger brother to Kethin Lyesmith, Desmund began life as a budding Templar at the Ferelden Circle. His aim was to become just like his brother Keth. Desmund first met a young Valeth long ago, and fell in love instantly. Sadly, the events that lead to the rite of annulment request at the Circle tower caused him to flee, and partially losing his mind in the process. Obsessed with Valeth’s secret and his brother’s perceived betrayal, he now rides in the colours crimson, the Red Templar Order.

Drebbin Albright

A loving father, Drebbin wanted nothing more than to save his daughter, however, when Firil did what she knew had to be done, Drebbin swore vengeance. Only a farmer, it took a year and the infection of Red Lyrium to make him powerful enough. Though hideously mutated and rendered demented by the transformation, Drebbin, now called “Father,” would return to cause problems for the Kestrels three fold.

Lloyd Maddox

An original member of the Kestrels cell and the betrayer and murderer of its other members, Lloyd was safe and in hiding for a long time. However, when the 1st Red Swordswoman was defeated at the Circle of Fax Hold, the new mysterious leader known as the Lyre drove him to turn himself over to the Kestrels. He tried to warn them of the new threat that was lurking in the shadows, but it did not help him, or the Kestrels in time.

Philippa Trevelyan

Twin sister to Ciaren, Philippa is a genius level intellect. Sadly, she is obsessed with murdering her brother and moving up the inheritance line.

So far their grandmother the Lady Esme Trevelyan finds the whole ordeal rather amusing, though Ciarens near death in Angwyn’s Depths did put her in debt to the Kestrels, earning them Equine House.

The Alley Rats

The Alienage in Ostwick is rare in its autonomy. Thanks to some savvy manoeuvring on behalf of the mysterious Elf known as Rassa, the Elves in Ostwick aren’t restricted to the Alienage: they own it.

The Alley Rats are a local gang, handling in smuggling, protection and worse. Choosing to ignore their past, they use local art in their tattoos and steal combat tactics from the Dwarvish Carta.

The Red Swordswoman

A name given to two women who have both born a sword made of Red Lyrium. The first, a violent pyschopath who had arrived with the Red Templars in Ostwick, met a bloody end at Fax Hold.

The second bearer, a dangerous woman of cunning, turned out to be the Templar Captain Arya Hark Morgan of the House Morgan, Ostwick nobility. She has even had the willpower to gift the blade to Desmund.

The Red Templars

Disenfranchised Templars who found a knew purpose in the employ of the Elder One. Either tricked or volunteered, these knights are on the path of being corrupted by the Red coloured Lyrium. Slowly driven insane, the knights have enhanced strength and toughness as well as a serveral unnatural powers.

The Knights in Ostwick are of a specific Chapter, owing loyalty it seems to the Red Swordswoman, if not the mysterious Lyre.

The Revenant

Xast. The Endless. An old king of Ferelden, the Revenant Xast was locked in a blackcrystal deep under Ostwick. When He was released during a fight between the Kestrels and Warden LeClaire’s old comrades, He possessed Gaffy.

The Revenant took flight to its old temple in Ferelden which drew the Kestrels to Thann and Gaffy closer to his father.