Alternate Main Characters

While The Kestrels always revolves around a set of primary characters, occasionally the players have played the role of others. Some times this is as the plot demands and some times it’s simply to try “someone” else out.


A champion of the House Trevelyan, Adelina is a stalwart warrior who is bound by oath to keep the safety of her house. When house Trevelyan fell under attack, the orders of Lady Esmee Trevelyan sends her to seek out help from the Kestrels, adding her problems to their already existing problems.

Adelina is played by Sunniva during Season 3 of The Kestrels.


A clanless dwarf associated with the criminal Carta group, Jarvia is focused and mischievous. Seemingly immune to fear, Jarvia has an adventurous heart combined with a tricksters brain. Thrown into the company of the surviving Inquisition agents by accident, her skills, her wits, and her crossbow has undoubtedly kept her comrades alive. While her skills are unquestioned, her loyalty remains to be truly tested.

Jarvia is played by Anita during Season 3.

Lazarus Mar

Lazarus Mar is a man with a troubled past. A run-away from Tevinter, he is a highly intelligent scholar who hides his prolific talents in glyphs and rituals. He is also a man with a destiny, one which has drawn him to the Kestrels for his own answers.

Lazarus is played by Ingrid during Season 3.


A mysterious mage from Valeths past, Luna seems like a broken woman, distracted by ghosts only she can see. She is a wild card, her association with the Kestrels is loose and can’t easily be explained. Tied to Valeth’s past as well as her future, only the latter will reveal if she is a friend or foe.

Luna is played by Tonje during season 2 for the Return to KinLoch Hold Episode.


One of the surviving agents of the Inquisition in Ostwick, Oisan is a naturally talented scout and archer. Though gruff and mostly unimpressed, he is a man who knows his place in the world: not saving it. Unimpressed with most things, Oisan is very happy to warm himself before a fire in the middle of nowhere, just him and his badger.

Oisan is played by Tonje during season 2 of The Kestrels.