The Kestrels

The Kestrels is an actual play tabletop roleplaying game podcast and livestream set in Dragon Age’s world of Thedas. The game is set before, during and after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We livestream The Kestrels episodes on Twitch every other week, usually on Fridays, unless life gets in the way somehow. Join the livestream to influence the flow of the game by using Fate points in the live chat! All livestreamed episodes are also uploaded to our YouTube channel after completion.

We continuously update our Facebook Group and Instagram with times, dates and other relevant information.

Episodes are edited in post-production and are released in podcast form on the 18th of every month. It is worth noting that the podcast is one year behind the livestreamed content. if you want to catch up on the most recent live episodes you can find them on our YouTube channel.

Credit: wienrose

Our story begins and centres around Ostwick: the city that was never taken. It is the largest supplier of food in all of Thedas and is crucial in preventing world spanning famine. “The Kestrels” is the name given to the group by the Nightingale – spymaster of the Inquisition. They watch for danger in Ostwick and in this, they fail.

Awakening one morning to fire and betrayel from within , the survivng Kestrels must fight to keep the Free Marches city from falling. Amongst them are Valeth – the young circle mage, Firil – the secretive rogue and Ness – the bloody elvish warrior.

Against the might of the rising Red Templars, how can such a small group hope to succeed?

The Kestrels is a story containing elements of addictive angst, awkward romance and thankfully humor (and a drunken Grey Warden). The Kestrels use Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG system with some modifications and additions and is streamed live on Twitch before being uploaded to YT and post-produced as a podcast. The Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts,, PodcastAddict, Pocket Cast and pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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