noun: Livestream

– a live transmission of an event over the Internet

Fateful Fumble began way before 2017 with a really simple Livestream event of The Kestrels. Over the years we have acquired better recording equipment and learned how to better use it. Despite this, there is one thing we never changed: We had to be having fun with the audience.

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We’ve even invited some of our longest serving fans to join in!

When we started, it was a simple enough broadcast on Youtube, which included some friends in the chat. The chat really made the game what it was, seeing people’s reactions to the plot twists. We even began a Fate Point system, where people could use a “point” to gift a player a reroll. They could also give the GM one, but noone ever did…

As we increased followers, we considered ignoring the live chat during play, wasn’t it better to focus on the game? After mulling it over, the live chat wasn’t just kept, it is now recognised as what makes out livestreams great. We enjoy being inclusive, interactive and above all, fun.

Thats never going to change.