The World of “The Circus”

“If your heart yearns for a tale of bravery, nobility and the serving of justice: There is the door.”

– DM’s adress regarding the themes of the Cirque Du So Lame.

Built on the inspiration of the world of Borderlands, Firefly and other anti hero tales of unscrupulousness quests: The game was designed to be a series of episodes, each following the work of the Cirque. Each quest given, largely from their original benefactor Mr Godhelg (Not a vampire), was to steal, corrupt and kill for some not so-noble-goal.

As long as the money is good, they didn’t mind.

From the first shakey episode involving a con job on a self appointed Goblin King, the episodes continued to get darker. The theme evolved into: What are we NOT prepared to do for money.

The line was drawn, surprisingly, from an off the top of my head inclusion: A baby Black Dragon Born, found abandoned in a stable.

This was the turning point, as evil forces all seemed intent on taking this child for their own agendas. And no gold offered was enough…

Surprise surprise folks. Maybe it is a heroes tale after all?

But Where is it Set!?

Set as a series of missions, largely the world of the Cirque exists on the Sword Coast setting found in most DnD adventures. The similarity ends there however, as we find it best to not unleash the members of the Cirque upon the canonised locations like Waterdeep or Neverwinter.

Locations such as the home of the Goblin king and of the undead Dragon are original works, placed loosely about the Sword Coast.