Dramatis Personae

“The Cirque? They seem oblivious that they walk the thin line between Good and Evil. Not walk, I mean hop skip and dance…”

– Paladin Godgutt, regarding his experience with the Cirque.

Hiding behind the guise of traveling performers, the Cirque Du So Lame are infact a group of mercenaries, willing to work for anyone if the gold is right. It is a shame then, that Evil pays so well.

Madam Kitty

Kit, or Madame Kitty as she is called when she’s in character, is a con artist who thrives on telling fake fortunes and selling bogus miracle cures.

She used to be an assassin but chose to leave that life behind in favour for the life of a travelling sideshow performer. Don’t be fooled though! She will still murderize you if the occasion calls for it!

Brian, just Brian.

Brian a.k.a “The Bearded Lady” used to be the hero of his small village, but this hulking barbarian got tired of the superficial attention.

No one ever seemed to care to get to know him. When Madame Kitty and her associates ventured threw his village, Brian saw an opportunity.

He put on a dress and presented himself as the bearded lady, and he has been with ‘Madame Kitty’s Magical Menagerie’ ever since. He still uses the dress because it’s hella comfy. If you ask him stupid questions, you will get stupid answers. Just let him do him and you’re good!


Kashra was born in bloodshed as her mother bled to death under the back alley tarpaulin that was her home.

She too would have perished that night, had not her cries pierced through the rain and thunder, reaching the keen ears of an old, black dragonborn who happened to have had an unsavoury errand in the slums of Baldur’s Gate.

The dragonborn raised her like the daughter he never had, teaching her to fight and move with swiftness, but she thrived the most when she could pull pranks, or make people laugh with cheeky tavern songs.

From there, the path of the bard was a short walk, and Kashra bid her mentor and father farewell to join a travelling troupe, and then later go out adventuring.

On one adventure she met her sidekick and business partner, Steve the goblin, and together they fell through a portal and ended up with Madame Kitty’s troupe.


Already at birth, her clan decided that Kallista’s fate was to bring glory and ruin to their deity: the Old One, the Great Cthulhu.

They prepped and pampered the child to become the avatar of this ancient God, but Kallista soon discovered that her heart held little evil, but wisely kept it to herself.

She did not hate the world, nor did she want to destroy the beauty she saw in its nature, its creatures, the humanoids and their civilisations, She wanted to explore and see all the wonders of the world, and protect the world from her clan and their devious plans to destroy it.


Marty showed up one day at Madame Kitty’s Magical Menagerie, picked up a broom and started cleaning.

He didn’t introduce himself, and when Kit asked him who he was he simply replied – “Im the cleaning boy”. Baffled by his answer Kit didn’t ask more questions, but simply left him to it.

After a week a few of her employees resigned from their positions at the circus, and new strangers just seemed to pop up, filling the vacant positions. Oddly enough they all seemed kinda similar to Marty in one way or another. Sure Kit was suspicious, but hey, the kid did good work so she figured “Ah what the heck, he gets the job done”.