Cirque du so Lame (D&D)

“No! You are not seducing that Undead Dragon! No! Not gonna happen! No!”

Gm Rick 10 seconds before the undead dragons’ seduction.

Cirque du so Lame is our Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition actual play live show. Hidden behind the disguise as a group of travelling performers, the Cirque du So Lame will perform any dark deed, for the right price. From conning a goblin king, seducing a dragon to corrupting a knight.

Join our intrepid not so heroic heroes as they reach the limits of what they are prepared to do for gold. Cirque du So Lame is a series of serious adventures consistently taken apart by the players and reduced into childish hilarity. With terrible dice rolls, audience participation and the guaranteed destruction of the DM’s spirit. Cirque du so Lame is played using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with mostly original material and some rare moments of maturity.

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The circus often do work for a mysterious man known only as Mr. Godhelg, who is definitely not a vampire…

The Cirque du so Lame is played as one-shot D&D episodes at conventions. Some of the episodes are recorded or livestreamed and are available for viewing.