“If this dice rolls another 1 I am THROWING IT OUTSIDE AND DOWN THE CORRIDOR!!”

– Rick the GM, prior to throwing a D20 down the corridor at Torucon 2018. It rolled its last 1…

Fateful Fumble doing a live D&D show at Unicon Expo 2019

Fateful Fumbles first convention was Spillexpo 2017. The space was tiny, the audience was a handful and the GM had a throat infection rendering his voice gravelly at best.

Despite all of this, we had fun. They had fun. The brutal maniupulation and murder of the Goblin King (the objective was THEFT!) proved popular. We then went on to be invited to Torucon, Banzaicon, Kazokucon, and Unicon Expo to name a few and also came back for Spillexpo 2018.

Since then we have continued to run the one-shot Dungeons and Dragons insanity that is “Cirque du So Lame” – tales of money driven criminals who will do anything if the Gold is right. Or will they?

Would you like to hire Fateful Fumble to do a live show or host walk-in D&D games at your convention? Send an e-mail to:

From one of our one-shot games – The “Heroes” turn a simple street fight into a lesson in escalation…

Since a Live Show on stage can last up to 4 hours we have also branched out to hosting other shorter and more interactive events like walk-in one shot games and a 20 player battle royal event of our own devising, basically anything we think folks would enjoy!

Very often during our “free” time at a convention our GM’s tend to get bored and grab a table to set up a spontaneous game. And they are always popular. We can’t promise this will always happen, but we do try.

Fateful Fumble doing a live show at Torucon 2018.