Booking & Contact

If you have a convention, or some other form of event you think we can bring something to, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Send an email to:

Live Rpg Shows

Would you like a live roleplaying game on stage at your convention? We enjoy sharing our games with an audience, involving them in the story and allowing them to decide the fate of our most unlucky players. Our games are fast, frantic and fun, and we always aim to provide a memorable experience.

Workshops, Panels and Talks

Require something a bit more educational? We’re really, really enthusiastic about RPG’s and can provide everything from a Q&A panel, to talks and workshops. Subjects we’ve covered at previous conventions include: character development, world building, running your first game, rpg as a form of therapy and even how to get into podcasting.

Drop In Games

We have a lot of collective experience running everything from one-off adventures for small groups right up to our very own D&D Battle Royal module which allows for up to 20 players to participate at once! We take special interest in welcoming new players to the world of RPGs and work hard to promote our games as a safe space. Everyone should get the chance to kill dragons and go home with an amazing story to tell.

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