About Us

Unicon 2019

What Are We?

We are a small podcast production collective from Norway, consisting of avid roleplaying enthusiasts. Fateful Fumble (est. 2017) produce actual play rpg live streams, podcasts and events.

Our Primary Content:

We also sell the almost obligatory merchandise, produce content for your games (Coming real soon!) and run workshops for all sorts of clients.

“How to Run a Game” talk – Skeivungdom 2019

Who Are We?

We are probably just like you! Beginning as a group of Roleplay Gamers with a smorgasbord (look it up!) of talent and one over ambitious GM, Fateful Fumble was born.

Our main aim is to make sure we have fun. If the hard work is all that remains, why would anyone do it? With this rule in mind, FF has grown slowly from the crudest of live streams to become a, well, less crude live stream! Every month we learn something new and we get a little better at what we love doing: Producing content for people like you!


Regarded as the work horse of the team, Anita has been responsible for everything from Podcast editing, tech set up, booking, graphic design, social media and the original website to name a few.

Possessing a fearless presence in-game, Anita has brought to life the characters of the hardened Valeth in the Kestrels and the young but explosive Kay in Chicago by Night.


A veteren cosplayer with an education in acting and experience in voice acting. It’s not surprise that Rin’s inclusion to the gang has added to the excitment.

Providing us with the brutal nobility of Thann in The Kestrels, Rin also gave us the soul searching Shota in Chicago by Night.


A bundle of enthusiasm, Tonje has the largest list of characters in all our games so far. As the the biggest financial contributor to the group, she allowed us to take ourselves a little more seriously.

From Tonje we have a host of personalities for The Kestrels: Ness, Gaffy and Oisan to name but three. In Chicago by Night she plays the sadistic Emily with scary realism.


Another hero behind the constant podcast editing and production, Sunniva has expertise on the tech side of things and also makes sure the gang doesn’t get too distracted during game play.

With Firil, she has both the most unthreatening voice in The Kestrels and the highest kill count!! In Chicago by Night she plays the idealistic yet ruthless MYAH.


A later addition, Ole allowed us to expand to another game, writing the sinister intrigue of the Chicago by Night podcasts. He also heads the development of the DnD Battle Royal game.

Occasionally appearing as the criminal genius known as Shylocke in The Kestrels, he also GM’s the Chicago by Night podcast.


Always one step from being a broken GM, Rick writes The Kestrels episodes, runs the Cirque Du So Lame live shows and runs the website. (I’m writing this!!)

While running The Kestrels games, Rick also plays the eccentric and anoyingly scene-stealing vampire named Eli in Chicago by Night.

When Are We??

Our Live Streams are currently run every other Friday, bar the interference of life or holidays. Information regarding times and dates are posted on our Facebook and Instagram – @fatefulfumble on both platforms.

Chicago by Night is released on the 1st of every month, and The Kestrels podcast is released on the 18th of every month. After our hard working editing team are happy they are safe for public consumption. (Which can take some effort believe me!)

Live shows and such at conventions are advertised as soon as we are permitted to reveal them!

If you are interested in having us at your convention or event, send us an email at fatefulfumble@gmail.com.