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Character and World Creation during the Quarantine Season!

If you haven’t been on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitch, you may have not heard about our recent Character Creation run. With the cancellation of Conventions for more or less the entire year, we’re adapting to life separated and at home. With the power of online gaming!

Basically, we’ve been given the chance to focus on our social media and actually using and updating this website, which may… may have been somewhat neglected in the rush. (My bad – Rick)

Firstly, and with some demand, we revisited our character creation series with more of a focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Part 1 (Background and Concept creation) has already happened but can be easily found on our Twitch page ( This rather, slightly, drunken session was inspired by the work of Guy from Great GM Rpg Sessions (, highly recommended!

Part 2 is running tonight, 13th April 19:00 CET, and focuses on turning character backgrounds into DND character sheets.

Part 3, planned for the following Friday and potentially the Friday after, sees us diving into World Creation. We will be using the fantastic Dawn of Worlds by the LEGENDS crew and their host of “Brosties.” This can be sourced free of charge (I said they were Legends!) from:
Essentially, folks in the live chat room will be allowed to directly partake in the sessions, being Gods of sorts for the interim and creating and manipulating everything from land creation to race and culture.

As a side note, we also have planned:

  • Kestrels High Alternative AU – A long demanded side campaign lasting a couple of sessions seeing a Japanese High School take on the heroes and villains of the Kestrels. Only in High School. With maybe a monster… And a Prom Dance. 😀
  • A Live Streamed Cirque Du So Lame – Previously only something we have done at Conventions, with the current crisis, well… we want to play with this group of nefarious self serving idiots, and you apparently want us to.
  • CLASSIFIED. Ignore this. Nothing to see here regarding the Lyre… Keep scrolling…

Anyway, as we endure quarantine and the scary times, Fateful Fumble, will be trying to make content as normal. Albeit, with an even bigger amateurish slightly drunken flair. (I’m sorry).

We love you, we hope you stay safe, stay home and above all stay (mostly) sane. You are not alone. We will get through this together.

Stay Fateful!
– Rick and everyone from the FF team.

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