Fateful Fumble at Banzaicon 8: Villains and Scoundrels


We were very happy to be invited to participate with a live show and some walk-in games at this years Banzaicon in Larvik. The entire weekend our main GM’s Ole and Rik were hosting walk-in games in the activity area. The Battle Royal concept they had developed especially for the convention turned out to be a great hit with the visitors who popped by the games room.

On Saturday we all participated in a D&D one-shot live show which was also livestreamed on Banzaicon’s Facebook page.
We played in our own Cirque du so Lame setting, and if you are interested you can read more about it on the D&D section of the website. Rik and Ole were also invited to participate in a panel about how to be a good GM which was well attended and an interesting experience for all of us.

The whole Banzaicon live show episode can be seen in its entirety here!
Note: The audio is a bit low for the first 30 minutes but eventually got fixed by Banzaicons wonderful sound technician.

We had a wonderful time running and participating in games, shows and panels, and would love to return again next year if possible. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our games, came to see our live show and who came up to us to talk about playing and dm’ing rpg’s. it was a pleasure meeting you all.

Sunniva, our resident video maven made a fun little convention vlog for The CosCast, which is a livestreamed cosplay talk show and YT channel run by Sunniva, Anita and Tonje form the FF crew. It documents some of the fun things we were up to at Banzaicon. And we’ve included it below!

Were you at Banzaicon? Did you have a good time?

The Fateful Fumble crew

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